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Therapeutic Counselling In Chelmsford

As a fully qualified, accredited, and professional counsellor, I’ve been helping individuals and couples since 2015.

Adapting to the needs of my clients, I offer face-to-face counselling in Chelmsford, additionally, I can provide online, and over-the-phone appointments – so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

Kathryn at KLS Counselling

About me

Hello, I'm Kathryn

I’m a passionate therapist that believes wholeheartedly in the benefits of talking therapy. I started my personal journey into self-awareness over 18 years ago when I went through the adoption process to become a mum.

It was a tough time, I’d been struggling with the emotional pain of infertility and loss. The adoption process itself brought up some unresolved personal issues and anxiety for me, which I sought help with through therapy.

I learned to cope with emotions in a healthy way and gained insight that has helped me to make better choices and set healthier boundaries.

Subsequently, this helped my career, my parenting, and my ability to maintain and sustain good relationships. I understand exactly how it feels to go through trauma, and for this reason, I was inspired to become a counsellor.

Counselling in Chelmsford

Are you having Sleepless Nights?

I’m an accredited member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP), and I am committed to working ethically and safely and in the best interests of my clients. 

Take a look at my services below.

Therapy For Anxiety

Feeling anxiety over certain life events is completely normal. However, if you feel like you're struggling, it might be best for you to seek therapy .

Therapy For Depression

Depression affects mood, and how you feel, think and behave. It may be time to find a therapist if you're struggling to perform daily tasks and experiencing a lack of enjoyment.

Therapy For Grief or Loss

Grief is a natural response to loss that can be hard to deal with. And there's no 'normal' amount of time for grief to pass, but it does help to talk about it and find strategies to help you cope.

Therapy For Couples

Every relationship has its fair share of issues. And navigating life together can be hard. If you and your partner are arguing more lately, there are likely underlying problems to address.

Therapy For Stress

Stress is a normal part of daily life, but if you're having trouble managing your stress, it's probably worth talking it through with a qualified professional.

What I do

I Help to Improve People's LivesThrough Counselling

Life isn’t always predictable and sometimes things are thrown our way, things that can cause emotional pain and suffering. These problems can start to take their toll, especially when we bottle them up or ignore them. But the more we trap them deep inside ourselves, the longer they can impact us.

I can help you get to the heart of any issues you’re facing, so you can go away with strategies to use to prevent you from feeling this way in the future.

Kathryn Leigh-Suddens


My Client's Feedback

I’ve had many clients book in for in-person counselling in Chelmsford. I’ve also had many clients that have used my over-the-phone and internet sessions. 

Whichever way is best for you to start therapy, I can help.

Individual & Couples Counselling in Chelmsford
Individual & Couples Counselling in Chelmsford


Individual Counselling Sessions in Chelmsford

When left unaddressed, past trauma can affect your current situation, causing problems that you might think are unrelated. But usually, they’re directly related, which you may not even be aware of.

My goal is to explore your past and your trauma and get to the root of what’s still negatively affecting your life today. This will allow you to realise why you act or think the way you do. We’ll come up with strategies together on how to tackle these thoughts and feelings.

As a result, you’ll start feeling better within yourself.

Clinical Supervisionin Chelmsford

I am a qualified clinical supervisor working with trainees and qualified professionals.

Throughout my own training and post qualification, supervision has been an invaluable experience, so I am very excited to be able to extend this essential support to my own supervisees!

I work integratively, offering a congruent, safe and supportive environment in which to reflect on your client work and grow in your profession.